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Suit Dressing

Thursday, April 25th, 2019

Power Suits are 2019’s favorite way to Dress-Up. You can look at this trend as an opportunity to truly refresh your wardrobe.

The Power Suit tends to live in a surprisingly controversial space. Early feminists said it was the ultimate challenge to the patriarchy, because who needs femininity? Then came the argument that feminine can be just as strong and game-changing, and we don’t need to dress like men, so let’s reclaim it, shall we? While these conversations are worthy of nuance and deconstruction on both sides, ultimately we want to celebrate power suits as a form of art.

What is your Boss Women Style? The answer should be “Tailored, feminine, and polished.” Make that entrance with style & flair, leave them saying Holy Hell I love her style…with Panache!!!

Thank you Pink and Ellen for showing us how its done!!!

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The Color Yellow

Thursday, April 18th, 2019

The Pantone Color Institute has presented us all the trend colors for 2019 and one of the most definitive of colors is yellow.

The color is a bold one. Whereas shades of deep blue or washed-out green function as near-neutrals, seamlessly folding into any wardrobe (no matter how colorful or muted), yellow demands attention. It’s an eye-catcher, a statement-maker, a head-turner—marigold yellow is a hard color trend to take advantage of. But if Spring and Summer 2019 has their way, we’ll all be sporting it in no time.

Whatever the season put a splash of sunshine in your wardrobe with style & flair…with Panache!!!


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