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Fashion First: 3 ways to wear lace correctly during the day

Lace isn’t just for your evening or formal activities anymore!  Traditionally, lace has been used for intimate apparel and wedding or bridal collections, many designers have created day wear styles for the feminine flirty fabric

3 Ways to Wear Lace Correctly During The Day:

1.  Lace tops can be tricky but pairing with a plaid or wool pant can keep it classic. Tops with a cap sleeve or short sleeve is a safer option if in the corporate environment.  Finish the look with a wingtip  or a tassel loafer, to send the business style message.
2.  Lace skirts whether flounce or pencil are best worn with a flats or a casual leather sandal.  Finishing the daytime look with a denim shirt or coat and a chunky leather belt is a super casual fashion forward option.
3. Lace dresses can be most challenging to determine how to wear it right for day.  Ask yourself “If it’s wedding worthy then it shouldn’t go to the office”.  Try introducing dresses with lace trims or smaller lace panels, that’s a corporate win!!!
Embrace the flirty feminine fabric…live life with style & flair…and Panache!!!

~Joan E. Lincoln~



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